A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign LORD God, Creator, YAHWEH! Father, we thank You that in these tumultuous times, while economies and lives are being turned upside down, while some are caught in the ravishing rampages of war and conflict, others are left homeless, cold and hungry.

Yet, Father, we the children of God, know a peace that transcends all, we know a security that holds us tight, a protection that never can fail, a Providence that is forever and eternally providing. We are blessed in the arms of The Almighty. Hallelujah!

Father, in You, in Your Word, the Most Holy Christ, we are fortunate and blessed, for we have looked to the hills, we have sighted on the above, we have focused and seen from whence cometh our Help, our Comfort, our Peace, it all comes from You, Magnificent, Glorious and Wonderful Father. Have Mercy!

Father we bow before You, The One that provided the Atonement, that made Himself for a Sacrifice for our sins, that we might not perish, Hallelujah, but have eternal and everlasting Life. Father we repent of all of our sins, mark missings, and shortcomings, everything in which we were disobedient, willful, puffed up and prideful.

Father, every transgression against Your will, every cause in which our flesh rose for acknowledgement, all of these we repent of and humbly regret. Yes, Father we joyfully accept the faithful forgiveness and the washing in the pools of the fountains of the Blood of Jesus, cleansed, restored and made whole, Glory!

Father, in You we rise, in devotion to Your Will, purposed of Christ, equipped, empowered and enabled to do extreme exploits by the anointing and power of the resident Holy Spirit, Hallelujah! Have Mercy. Father, we rise, a mighty army of Love, soldiers of the Holy Cross, making the crooked places straight, binding up the broken hearted, healing the hurt, liberating the captives, and destroying every yoke of bondage. Have Mercy!

Father, we pray a Heavenly Anointing and Unction upon all the prayers of the Saints, and most especially upon our prayers of intercession, as we move to spread the Word of God across the globe, in Your mighty and matchless name, located permanently in Christ Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach, and by the most potent power of His precious shed blood, amen.