A Prayer of the Day

Father, Oh Father, How we Adore and Praise You, We Justly Ascribe all Holiness to Your Name, All Honor, All Glory, For Thou are        ELOHIM, the Ancient of Days, our Supreme Sovereign LORD, Creator of All the Heavens, the Universe and the temporary abode of men, earth. Oh Father, YAHWEH! HALLELU YAH!

Father, our hearts are full of spirit led worship, we sing, we shout the praises of Almighty God, For You Abundantly bless us with all the gifts of Everlasting, Eternal Life, we are blessed with every Good thing from Above, Every provision of Your Blessed Providence is prepared for us, we daily partake and are forever grateful, our Thanksgiving is sincere, Selah!

Oh Father, from the abundance of Your MIGHTY Heart of Love, You guide us and protect us, we find peace in the solace of Your security, a contentment that stems from Your Divine Presence, we are wrapped up, bound up and found resting in the glow and glory of Shekinah, richly and divinely blessed by the Beauty and Glory of Your Holiness, Hallelu YAH!

Father, in much pain and sorrow, our regret and remorse is adamantly presented before You as we beg Your forgiveness of all of our sins, as we have forgiven those whom have come against us. Father, we beg Your mercy and Your grace from our repentant hearts and joyfully accept Your faithful forgiveness, by the Blood of our suffering and sacrificing Savior, Selah!

Father, with the glee of little children we run immediately to bathe in the pools of the fountains which flow richly of the Blood of Emanuel, our spirits exalted in great Joy as we partake of the precious blood, ingesting and consuming it, washing and submerging in it, drinking in the fullness of the Redemption bought on Calvary’s Cross, our souls forever secure in the Salvation of the Saints, Heavenly and Holy Spirit empowered, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we rise to greet the present day, warmly enriched by Your Divine Presence, empowered unto every great and good work by the residence of the Holy Spirit within, carrying the Grace, Mercy and Compassion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Power of Almighty God unto Salvation, flowing in the Anointing of YOUR MIGHTY LOVE, an Unction to set the captives free, heal the sick and deliver those in bondage, we thus devote the sacrifice of our service to You, Selah!

Father, bless this and all the prayers of Your Saints, and especially our prayers of intercession, as we count all things done by faith in You and Your most perfect Will, in the Mighty, Magnificent and Majestic Name Above All Names, Yeshua Hamashiach, Our LORD, Our Savior! Hallelu YAH! Amen