A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign LORD God Creator, YAHWEH , GOD of a million miracles, Lord of the universe, Chancellor of the celestial sea, Ruler of the realms beyond space, time and dimension, How Great Thou Are! Father we submit to Your Holy will as we bring before Your throne the dross of our lives, the pitiful practices of our willful beings.

Father, as lowly worms, we plead forgiveness over the lust of our eyes, the covetousness of our hearts, the greed of our guts, our selfishness, inconsiderateness, pride, conceit, and all the appetites of the lower self. Father we present all the leaven of our sinful lives before Your Holy and Majestic presence, to be consumed by the Holy fires of Your Love, the Tender Mercies of Your Forgiveness.

Father we proceed immediately to the pools of the fountains of the Blood of the Lamb, the sparkling fountains of red, which flow forth forever, like a mighty river of purity, innocence and healing, from the veins of Emanuel. Hallelujah! Father, we are the Blood bought, no sin, no error, no mistake, no transgression, or misguided deception of our hearts may resist the cleansing power of the Blood. The Blood which keeps us, restores us, heals us, delivers us, very saves us, binds us to You in irrevocable Love, we Love You Father, we praise You, we submit to You in obedience, the most precious sacrifice of our hearts, have mercy.

Father, we stretch our hands, our hearts to Thee, no other help we know, Father, for You provide perpetually our portion, food on our table, clothes on our back, shelter for our head, You are an on Time God, and this is just the provisions of this temporal world, how does our mind stretch to comprehend the gifts of eternal life, the fragrance of forever tickles and pricks the sensitivities of our minds.

Father, can we peek the halls of eternity, can we fathom the mysteries of the everlasting, just barely may we be able to imagine the beauty and glory of the rewards of the saints, Father teach us just a little of what forever is. Yet Father, you bring us to our right mind, the right now, the portion that we have been allotted, to be examples of Your glory here on earth, to work out our souls salvation, indeed not to earn it, but to live and walk in it, by showing forth fruit, of the Holy Spirit, to manifest Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control to such a degree that all mankind might see our good works and glorify You, our Father in Heaven.

Father, we grasp the challenge of spiritual warfare, indeed we are forever clothed with the Spiritual Armour of God, and we have become comfortable in it, as able warriors, ready to sling our sword, and parry the thrusts and darts of the devil with our shield of Faith, forever reinforcing our troops from our everlasting and technologically advanced arsenal in the eternal armory of Prayer. Father, we thank You for the nuclear weapons of Prayer, from whence we may unleash fire from the Heavens, able to decimate all the works of the evil one in the explosive power of the Holy Spirit, have mercy.

Father, we thank You ever for our blessed times of communion, the precious privilege of prayer, as we present them this day before Your throne of authority, eternal in the Heavens, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH,  and by the Potent Power of His Blood, Amen.

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