Prayer of the Day

Almighty Father YAHWEH, Most Holy, Righteous and Excellent ELOHIM, Most Merciful, Gracious and Compassionate, Thou are Wonderful, Magnificent and Fantastic, The Supreme Sovereign LORD GOD Creator of All Things! Father, Thou are Worthy, so Deserving, from the Miraculous to The Miraculous Thou Are GOD, Through Time, Over Time, Before Time, Forever Timeless, Hallelu YAH!

Praying Hands, Dove and Star LogoFather, we rest in the security of Your arms, we reside in the asylum of the Most High, firmly established and anchored in Your Most Holy Love, every need even unto the desires of our hearts is provided by Your generous and proverbial Providence, we are the objects of Your so great affections, Selah!

Father, as we bring unto You the sacrifices of praise and worship, we lay our hearts open before You, truly we attempt to be living sacrifices, living prayer and praise, a worship that is alive, constant and forever, just such as is meet for an eternal and everlasting existence in the reality of our Blessed Salvation, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we bow before You in regret, remorse and repentance, humbly bringing before You and begging Your forgiveness of all of our sins, every transgression, every unholy and selfish thought, every righteous deed left undone, all of our self, we leave at the foot of Cavalry’s Cross. Selah!

Father, Your Faithful Forgiveness and Holy Absolution brings great Joy to us Your creatures, the children of Your legacy. Father, we bounce into the pools that flow from the fountains of the rivers of the Blood of the Lamb, immersing ourselves in Holiness and Righteousness, cleansed and washed pure, whole, sinless and innocent, Hallelu YAH!

Rising in the Anointing, Holy Unction flowing forward from us, in the world but not of it, dismantling every scheme and plan of the devil, supplanting all his efforts to thwart the will of the Most High, preaching the Gospel in Power, Salvation and Deliverance, setting the captives free, and bringing everlasting life to everyone we encounter, Selah!

Father, bless this and all the prayers of Your children, The Saints, as we present them faultless before Your throne in Glory, unto You, The True and All Wise GOD. Father, we pray all things in the mighty and matchless Name of Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Holy One of Israel, and by His potent and powerful, most precious shed Blood, Hallelu YAH! Amen