Prayer of the Day

Father YAHWEH, Most Holy, Righteous and Excellent ELOHIM, in Holiness is Your name proclaimed and glorified. Thou are the Supreme Sovereign LORD GOD Creator of ALL! Father, in Your Divine Presence is our peace, forever Oh LORD, are You Righteous, Holy and True, Our hearts sing out in Thanksgiving, Worship and Praise, Hallelu YAH!

Praying Hands, Dove and Star LogoFather, in You we find a rest for our weary souls, we have an asylum in which to meditate and practice the graces and excellencies of Holiness, to participate in Your Divine nature and character, to acquire the traits of the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ, for Thy promises, Thy Word is forever settled in Heaven, and we are blessed with a sweet serenity and solace found in the blessedness of our Savior, Selah!

Father, how great are our daily blessings, the provisions of Your Heavenly Providence, for even in our trials and tribulations, in the stony and rocky places of life, the toils, snares and troubles, we find a sure foot hold, we are firmly established and rooted in You, for even our thorns become blessings and we receive the spoils of victory, in what seemed like defeat! We are more than conquerors, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we take time out even while learning the lessons of a Holy life, with repentant hearts, to beg Your forgiveness as we have forgiven those whom trespassed against us. Thus, Father we implore Your indulgence in blessed absolution for everything unholy in our lives, every mark missing, every thought turned not towards You, every despicable thing where we erred from Your chosen path, all of this we place at the foot of the Cross and accept the intercession of the Blood of Christ which removes our stains of sin, Selah!

Father, we thank You that in You we are made a people Holy unto the LORD! A royal priesthood washed in the Blood of the Lamb, conceived in Righteousness and coming forth this day into the world, dripping in the Anointing, covered in the Unction, in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, our cups overflowing, prepared, readied and equipped to tear the devils kingdom down, to lift up Jesus and to bring Salvation to a sin sick world in need of spiritual health and healing, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we thank You for entrusting us to carry the germ of life, the seed of Salvation, the very Gospel of our LORD and Savior, The Almighty Word of the Living God! Father, would that we exhibit Your Mighty Love in carrying this Word, may we be contagious and infectious with good deeds towards men, that they may see the good work and glorify You, our Father in Heaven. Father, may we do exceedingly above all our own expectations in Your service, and our offering unto You be a pleasing taste to Your tongue, and a sweet savor in Your sight, Selah!

Father, we thank You for all these many blessings, and count all things done in Your perfect will and unto Your glory in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The Son of the Living God, Most True and Wonderful, Hallelu YAH! Amen