Prayer of the Day

Father, Oh Father, we come before You, in the Beauty and Glory of Your Holiness, blessing Your Righteous Name, for our prayer is a hymn of Your Glory and our hearts are full with Your Love, we are warmed by the Divine Presence of YAHWEH, and the Majesty of ELOHIM overshadows and covers us in Excellence and Perfection, Oh Sovereign and Supreme LORD GOD, Creator, we praise You, Hallelu YAH!

Praying Hands, Dove and Star LogoFather, Your Joy is in our hearts and minds so much so that tears come to our eyes, for Your Mighty Love overwhelms us, Your care and constant compassion leave us speechless, we must be careful not to ignore the daily blessings of Providence nor take Your provisions for us for granted. How may we acknowledge to You our so great gratitude and appreciation for there is nothing in the universe that we might give You but Praise, Worship and Service out of Love, Selah!

Father, we thank You for the endless blessings of Knowledge and Wisdom, yet recognize that on so many levels we are but ignorant, unable to handle complete and perfect revelation, and are grateful that there is One whom is all wise, and all knowing standing in the gap and interceding for us, ensuring that we neither stumble or fall, and if so, there You are with a steady hand ready to catch us and stay us from all permanent hurt, harm or danger, Hallelu YAH!

Oh Father, how precious is Your Mercy and Grace that is Faithful in forgiveness of all of our transgressions and sins. Daily and forever Your Blood intercedes for us and upon repentance washes away all the stench and stain, obliterating guilt and remorse and filling us with the JOY of Salvation and Redemption, enabling us once more and again to sing the songs of Zion, Selah!

Father, our Joy and gratitude knows no bounds as we enjoy the daily washing and cleansing of the Blood, for we shall always drink deeply from the fountains that flow richly of the radiant red wine of communion, streaming forth generously from Emanuel’s veins, baptizing us in the power of the Holy Spirit, filling us with The Anointing to do great and grand exploits, covering us eternally with everlasting life and thus we are impervious to the forces of evil and gladly dismantle its works, Hallelu YAH!

Father, this day we cast off the remnants of evil and sin in our lives and put on piece by piece the adornments of Righteousness, the Holy Garments of the Spirit, the Armor of God fit for battle in Spiritual Warfare, armed with the deadly and ferocious Word of God the Mighty Sword of the Spirit in Your Hands and sounding the Shofar and Trumpets of Triumph; chilling, shaking and quaking the minions of evil by the presence of the Children of Holiness, Selah!

Father, may this be but one moment of many that we share this day, praying for the blessing’s of all of the Saints, the saving of the lost, the bringing of the elect home and the praising and worship of You, the most Righteous and Worthy. May Your will be done in Heaven and on Earth, in the name above all names, Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The True and Wonderful Son of the Living God, we pray, Hallelu YAH! Amen