Prayer of the Day

Father YAHWEH, How sweet is Thy Word to us, like honey and sugar, yet like meat and vegetables full of protein and nutrition, ever sustaining us, ever nourishing us, energizing us unto Your Holiness and Righteousness, and we eat well of the Bread of Heaven for You our most Holy ELOHIM, have blessed us with every Heavenly gift, and we come before Your Divine Presence in prayer, in praise and in Thanksgiving, Hallelu YAH!

Praying Hands, Dove and Star LogoFather, our love and appreciation is endless, as You have rained down upon us a multitude of blessings, we are overtaken and overwhelmed, by Your Goodness, Your Mercy, Your Grace, all flowing from the Mighty Rivers of Your Great Love, The Heart of Heaven, Grander in scale than the very universe You have created, and How Blessed we are to be its objects, and we return in Love unto You, Oh Almighty Father! Selah!

Father, in You we lack no good thing, whether it be spiritual or temporal, for in all things our needs are continually met as the daily flood of provisions from Your generosity and Providence are a constant reminder of all the many virtues of Your charity and love manward, and we are ever thankful and grateful, full well appreciating all that You do, and never being amiss to return unto You in praise and worship, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we thank You for the cleansing power of the Blood, that atonement that was made for us on yonder Cross, that we might in a Holy humility beseech You for the forgiveness of our sins, having first cleared our own list of forgiven, and thus we repent, looking now even more reverently towards You that our focus might be narrowed, that our flesh might be murdered, that our wills be naught but Thy own, precious Savior, Selah!

Father, in dependence upon You and You alone, we learn the lessons of solitude, craving intimacy with Your Divine Presence, jealous of our time with You, unwilling to relinquish the moments we cherish, realigning our lives as need be that You, the very main thing, receive the fat portion of our time, our mind, our energies and our everything, that our lives might become in communion with You, very praise, very worship and very prayer, Hallelu YAH!

Father, help us to reach out into the darkness of this sin sick world, and draw, even snatch souls from the brinks of destruction, bringing in the sheaves of the Harvest into the Hallowed Halls and Havens of Heaven, gathering unto Your Kingdom all of the very elect, Your chosen ones from the very foundations of time, that all might be saved and sealed unto the Day of The Lord, the hour of our Redemption, Selah!

Father, all this we pray and petition in the faith that has its hope in the Supreme and Sovereign LORD God, thus we count Your Will done in Heaven and on Earth, in the mighty and matchless name above all Names, Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The First and The Last, The Son of Righteousness, Most True and Wonderful, Hallelu YAH! Amen