Prayer of the Day

Father, Oh Father, Our Precious LORD and Redeemer, The Most Holy and Righteous, You Whom shows us love through the generations and ages, Forever Most Excellent ELOHIM is our fate settled in Heaven, You have drawn us from the very fires of Hell, Your Compassion and Mercy has laid down the greatest of sacrifices, Thou Mighty Love is Magnificent to Save, our King, Our Savior, Almighty YAHWEH! Hallelu YAH!

Praying Hands, Dove and Star LogoFather, Daily You have prescribed a provision for us from the everlasting supplies of Providence, our fare is of wonderment, for we eat of The Bread of Heaven and drink of Living Waters, we dine forever at the King’s Table, our abode is eternally within the Household of Faith, our addresses are all found within the city limits of New Jerusalem and even our streets are made of gold, the opulence and wealth of the believer can never be told, how sweet the story of the morning glory, Selah!

Father, How sweet the juice of Jesus, His Death, Burial and Resurrection has restored us unto Holy Communion, we are in intimate fellowship forever reconciled with You, the Most Holy of Holies, the Divine Presence and we partake of this vast richness, the blessings flow eternally as lack is now unknown in the bosom of perfect peace, you see all our needs are met, you bring us forth out of debt, our praise and worship is lifted in our songs of Thanksgiving, forever is there a bursting forth of a Hallelu YAH!

Father, with eternal reverence and humbleness of heart we bring forth all of our sins unto You, begging Your forgiveness and in faith receiving of Your Mercy and Grace, complete absolution of all of our transgressions, and Father we withhold not the same virtues of grace from our fellowmen, rather we richly let Your Love flow through us to others, showing forth the Abundant Life resident within us by the very presence of the precious Holy Spirit, Selah!

Father, Your Glory rises forth in us, we cannot hold it for it rushes forth perfecting us in all grace, making us implements of Your Supreme Love, proving our Ambassadorships as we represent the Kingdom of Heaven in power and Grace, Your Mercy extending to all mankind by the preaching of the Good News of our Risen LORD and Savior, as we destroy the kingdom of evil, leading the captives to freedom and safety, traveling up the King’s Highway, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we Thank You for giving us some part in Your Great Work, allowing us to travel on this pilgrim journey yoked up with You, for You share our burdens and make the trip which can be beset with dangers and snares of no consequence, for with You and in You we have nothing and no one to fear, thus we are ever ready and willing to share this Blessed Hope which forever Springs Forth from us Eternal, Selah!

Father, we pray You find this and all the prayers of the Saints in Your Heart this day, forever blessing us and finding in us a blessing, in the name above every name we pray, Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The Son of the Living God, Most True and Wonderful, Hallelu YAH! Amen