Prayer of the Day

Oh Father YAHWEH, Help us to pray Father, from You, to You, that Your Regal Righteousness, Your Heavenly Holiness will be made manifest in our lives. Father this day as we salute Your supreme sovereignty, the virtues of all of Your Omni attributes, that even from the eternity of Creation, You most Excellent ELOHIM, have shown forth Your Almighty Power in Love towards mankind, and by Your so Great Mercy and Grace we are not consumed, and thus we shall forever lift up a Word of Prayer intertwined with Praise, Hallelu YAH!

Praying Hands, Dove and Star LogoFather, Your Holy Spirit has blown throughout the History of Mankind in the Hearts of the Saints as a resident Hurricane, an unyielding tornado, a very Quiet Storm in the Spirits of the Believers, Leading us ever in the paths of Righteousness for Your name’s sake, helping us to lift Up Your Praise in the Beauty and Glories of Holiness, healing our heart brokenness, our despairs, troubles and strife’s, a constant Comforter continually, a sweet and serene succor is He, Selah!

Father, how great is our Thanksgiving, unending Praise and Worship we have for You Whom daily and forever provides all the blessings of Peace in Providence, The Cornucopia, The Horn of Plenty is the emblem of the Prosperity in all things You have blessed us with, we lack no good thing, and are in danger of ingratitude as we can’t count, no matter how hard we try to infinity, everlasting is a number beyond the limits of our minds, so we are reduced to a crazy praise, uncontrolled worship, for the Goodness of our Gracious YAHWEH! Hallelu YAH!

Father, in a humble and abject humility we bring unto You all of our sins, and in the least of our obedience, having forgiven all in our debt, we petition You for the forgiveness of our transgressions, all the places of our mark missing, both big and small, even the very thoughts that were out of bounds or unlike Your will of Holiness for us, and Father, we repent, with remorse and regret, refocusing our all upon You, Selah!

Father, wouldn’t we be remiss to forget to thank You for bathing us in the Blood of the Lamb, baptizing us in the ruby red Blood that washes away all the stench and stain of sin, that we might emerge and adorn the attire of the Royal Priesthood, the robes of the Righteous, in all the Brightness and Shining Glory of Shekinah, bringing a shout of Praise and Worship from the very depths of our beings, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we pray a prayer of Salvation, of Love, Mercy and Grace, that it might be poured out upon all the earth in a Mighty Rushing Tidal Wave of Revival, that men might hear the Gospel of The Good News of the Kingdom, turn and repent of their wicked ways, and grab hold of the Atoning Sacrifice made upon Calvary’s Cross, that they might appropriate the Truth of the Resurrection of Christ from the Dead in Saving Grace through Faith, Selah!

Father, we thank You for this Holy Communion of Prayer, we pray blessings upon all the Saints, The Body of Christ, by Faith, in the Name and Son of the Living God, Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The First and The Last, The Most True and Wonderful, Have Mercy this Day, Hallelu YAH! Amen