Prayer of the Day

Father YAHWEH, Most Holy, Righteous and Excellent ELOHIM, Supreme Sovereign LORD God Creator! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The sacred and Holy One of Israel, You spoke and from nothing was all things created, the mind of man will never be able to wrap around You, comprehend or fully understand You, yet in our humble station we praise You, Hallelu YAH!

Praying Hands, Dove and Star LogoFather, “deep” doesn’t begin to fathom You, “high” can’t reach You, “darkness” can not hold You, and even though You came into the world the world didn’t know You, You came unto Your own and they recognized You not, yet Father we strive to know You, to walk, talk, live, breathe and consume You that our communion with You may be of unity, Selah!

Father, we are so grateful for the bountiful blessings of Your daily Providence, the provisions You have in readiness for our every need, for both our temporal and eternal needs are so abundantly supplied, we have but to maintain an attitude of gratitude, always ready to share what you have so richly provided, in the knowledge that ALL things come from You! Hallelu YAH!

Father, humbly we bow before you in deepest contrition, requesting the forgiveness of all of our sins, repenting sorrowfully of all of our shortcomings, remorseful of every missing of the mark, every selfish and willful desire, and every incorrect and errant thought, all of this and more we bring in light of Your tender mercies and grace, appreciative that we are not consumed, but granted forgiveness by Your everlasting and eternal faithfulness, washed once again in the pools of the fountains of the Blood of the Lamb, ever mindful of its purifying and cleansing of the stains and stench of sin, Selah!

Father, we rise from our Blood bathes jubilant and refreshed, restored and renewed unto Holiness, Righteousness, Consecration, Sanctification, Dedication, Devotion and Innocence, thoroughly prepared to represent the very Righteousness of God, as Your Ambassadors of State, Empowered by the Anointing and Unction of the Holy Spirit, ready to preach, yes to be the Good News of the Gospel of Salvation, The Word of God, with signs and wonders following unto the four corners of the earth and more especially every place our foot shall set, beginning with the place in which we stand, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we thank You for the yoke destroying, burden removing, peace giving power of the Blood of Jesus, may we apply it to every place where the presence of evil has brought oppression and despair, may our preaching, prophesying, prayer, and praise be but a burden removing, yoke destroying salve unto the nations. May the Gospel of peace bring in the Harvest of these end times and Your congregations and fellowships be filled with jubilation, joy and praise. Father lead us into all good things and protect us from the schemes of the evil one and his minions, Selah!

Father, bless all the prayers of the Saints, that we may pray Your Holy Will this day, in the name of Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and by the power of His most holy and precious shed blood, Hallelu YAH! Amen