Prayer of the Day

Father YAHWEH, Most Holy ELOHIM, Supreme Sovereign LORD GOD Almighty, Creator of Everything! Father, we lift You Up! Unto You belongs All Dominion, All Glory and All Power. Father, We ascribe unto You and Your Holy and Wonderful Name, All the Majesty, All the Authority, All the PRAISE! You so richly deserve, Oh! How Magnificent, How Wonderful, How Awesome and Amazing Thou Truly Are! Hallelu YAH!

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Father, we are overwhelmed in Thanksgiving for we are at a lost to express our gratitude enough, to appreciate You enough, thus we cry tears of Joy, for how many times in our hours of darkness, in our moments of despair, when we felt tossed and turned by the storms raging in our lives, You the Rock of Ages, the very Author of our Faith, stayed our hearts, held us gently and proclaimed Your peace and serenity over us, Selah!

Almighty Father, Daily You bless us, You guide us, You Keep and Protect us, You provide amply from Your precious Providence, and our spirits break forth in Praise, the Spirit of Thanksgiving breaks over us and we can not contain ourselves, thus we shout the praise, Hallelu YAH!

Forever, Oh, Lord, Shall we Praise You and thank You, and even now as we set before You our sins and transgressions, in repentance begging Your forgiveness of everything, our hearts are firmly established in You, appreciative as we accept Your faithful forgiveness, the very absolution of all of our mark missing, Selah!

Once more and again, we partake of this Holy Spirit hygiene, provided by the Atoning Sacrifice, and dip ourselves into the Blood, allowing it to cleanse every part of our body, soul and spirit. Meditating in the glory and power of You, our Daddy, thus succored in the Anointing, flowing in the Holy Spirit unction, becoming in our daily lives very prayer, praise and living worship, Hallelu YAH!

Father, walk with us, talk with us, as we take upon us our yokes of suffering, sorrow and sacrifice and bind ourselves with You in Holy Communion, devoted in service and ministry. Although the work is massive, with You our burden is made light, and through You our trials and tribulations become a trifle as we are covered in Your supernatural power, our setbacks are so temporal and momentary when compared with the promises of eternal and everlasting Life, Selah!

Father, bless this day all of Your Saints, our prayers, our meditations, our intercessions, our proclamations and pronouncements, as we present our selves faultless before Your throne of Glory, eternal in the Heavens in the mighty and matchless Name of Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The Son of the Living God Almighty, and by the potent power of His most priceless and precious shed Blood, Hallelu YAH! Amen