Prayer of the Day

FATHER YAHWEH, Most Holy ELOHIM! Most Honorable and Righteous, Wonderful, Glorious and Magnificent, The Supreme Sovereign LORD GOD, Creator! Father, we rise unto the beauty and glory of this another day in which to reside in Holiness. We the blessed of the LORD, offer ourselves living sacrifices, living praise and living worship, unto You our Living Light, Hallelu YAH!

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Father, this and every day is a day of Thanksgiving, Your Providence works itself out and shows us continuously Your great and grand generosity, and Father we are ever so appreciative, grateful and thankful, our hearts are full, our spirits soar, for our blessings are abundant and radiant in the glory of everlasting life, Selah!

Father, we thank You that we have treasures stored up in Heaven, for the abundant life is a spiritual thing, far above the mundane of the material, vastly more opulent than the earth might behold, for Father we know the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous, yet we look to the righteous inheritance, the pure, the holy, the Godly, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we beg Your indulgence in the forgiveness of all of our sins and transgressions, every place our thoughts and deeds have missed the mark of holiness, every righteous act we left undone, we repent and in remorse seek the total absolution made for us by the Way of the Cross, the Blood of the Paschal Lamb, Selah!

Father, as we emerge, dipped, washed and cleansed in the libation of the Holy Communion, we are thankful for the Divine Presence, we give thanks for the residence of the Holy Spirit, Everlasting and eternal life, Salvation, Healing and Deliverance, all the good things of the Kingdom, Hallelu YAH!

Father, may we live out this day in obedience to Your Great Commandments of Love, Commissioned to spread The Word, the Gospel unto all the world, teaching and making disciples in the Anointing and Unction of the Holy Trinity, Unified in Love, One LORD, One FAITH, One BAPTISIM, One El and Father of All, Selah!

Bless this and all the prayer lives of The Saints, The Warrior Host, The Royal Priesthood, The Blessed Communion, The Faithful Fellowship, the most gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful Bride of Christ, in the name of Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The First and the Last, The Lord of Warrior Hosts, Have Mercy, Hallelu YAH! Amen