Prayer of the Day

Oh Wonderful and Glorious Father, Holy is Thy Name Above All Creation, Thou are The Most High, Holy and Excellent ELOHIM, The Supreme Sovereign LORD GOD Creator, YAHWEH! Forever shall we sing Thy Praise, Exalt You Above All, Worship You in the Beauty and Glory of Holiness, Hallelu YAH!

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Father, Thou are a LOVE Supreme, the Ultimate Manifestation, YOU Father are the Giver, and You, Your Son are the Great, Grand and most Good Gift, we are so blessed constantly and continually as Your Providence provides, we lack nothing, we are blessed with treasures so rich, blessings so precious and rare, the sweetness of our everlasting salvation secures us forever, Selah!

Father, we are so humbled by the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, when we look to the Baby Jesus, we see Love poured out in the Gift of Himself, Yourself, God very God, man very man, Divinity into the natural, The Word made flesh, dwelling amongst us, and now the most precious present of the Presence of the Holy Spirit within us, Hope Eternally at Home in and with us, Hallelu YAH!

Father, by the Blood of the Lamb we ask forgiveness of all of our sins and transgressions, as we have forgiven those whom have trespassed against us, placing before You our meager attempts at the death of the Self, humbly submitting to Your faithful forgiveness, correction, rebuke and reprove, joyfully receiving complete absolution and the washing and cleansing of the Blood, have mercy, Selah!

Father, we beg Your peace upon the earth that men might be reconciled to You, seek Your face, turning from our wickedness and being saved, healed and delivered. Father, motivate every part of the Body of the Bride of Christ to a fresh zeal, energized, equipped and empowered to turn the world upside down in the preaching of the Gospel of Salvation, and using The Word and words when necessary, making us in action and deed, very Love, Hallelu YAH!

Father, at this time of the Year when men have chosen to celebrate the advent, the birth of Christ into the world, stop us, hold us and keep us that we might meditate, practice at Your feet the Divine Presence, look to the Baby Jesus and see the gift and giving, the suffering and the sacrifices, of our Sweet Lord and Savior, Selah!

Father, bless this prayer and all the prayers, preaching and praise of the Saints, and most especially our loving prayers of intercession, as we imitate our Christ in standing in the gap for others. Father, we count Your will done in Heaven and Earth in the mighty and matchless Name Above All Names, Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The Son of God, Most True and Wonderful, Hallelu YAH! Amen