Prayer of the Day

Father, Dear Father YAHWEH, Most Holy and Righteous are Thou, You are the Joy of our Mornings, our yearnings and every desire is to be wrapped up in You, Your Love like a mighty river rolls, cool to the thirst, cleansing to the body, invigorating to the soul, You are our portion, The Most High and Exalted ELOHIM, The Creator of all the wonders of the Universe, Enthroned Above All, we bring the sacrifice of praise, to worship You is Wonderful, Hallelu YAH!

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Father, we are ever caught up in You, bound up in the Love, encapsulated in the security of Your bosom, we rest eternally in You, finding a sweet palace of serenity, a Heavenly meditation, for the troubles of this world cannot deny us, we are never stopped from our appointed destinies, our salvation is an eternal grace, a mercy unsurpassed and is the envy of all evil, as death has no hold, for we are the children of love, light and life, Selah!

Father, we Thank You for the wealth and riches of our worship, the jewels of mercy and grace bedazzle us, the blessings of Salvation, both eternal and everlasting, of which nothing in the whole universe could compare, as even Solomon’s riches are poverty and filth in light of the Glory of Life Abundant and Everlasting, such is the treasury of The Temples of the Holy Spirit, Hallelu YAH!

Father, Thus likened unto the Passover preparations, we cleanse our homes and The Temples of Prayer of all the leaven of sin, ensuring that all in our debt are forgiven, and then presenting as we do now all of our sins and transgressions before You, asking and receiving in remorse and repentance, complete and everlasting forgiveness and absolution, and thus we are ever grateful in the Spirit of Thanksgiving, Selah!

Father, we take a moment as we remember when our lives were ship wrecked, when we were tossed and turned in the very oceans of our sins, about to be eternally and forever condemned, The Word of The LORD came unto us in love, grace and mercy, and with hope placed in our hearts, conviction biding our confessions, we were pulled from the very depths of death, landed on the distant shore and there to know peace forever more, Hallelu YAH!

Father, because of Your so Great Love, we are not consumed, we are lifted from the eternal flames, and nurtured in the Bosom of Abraham, matured in Love, Grace and Mercy and yoked up with You in this Great Work of Salvation. Father, may we prove our devotion to You, may we be unto You those living sacrifices, carrying the cross and burdens of mankind, in constant communion with You our Sweet, Sweet Savior, Selah!

Father, May our prayers never close, our preaching never stop, our praise be continuous and our prophesying true, may we proclaim the Gospel of our Risen LORD and Savior, until He returns and cracks the sky, and our mission thus complete. Father, all this we pray in the mighty, majestic and matchless Name above all Names, Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The Most True and Wonderful Son of The Living God Most High, Have Mercy, Hallelu YAH! Amen