Prayer of the Day

Father YAHWEH, Most Holy, Righteous and Excellent ELOHIM, Supreme Sovereign LORD GOD, Creator! Father, it is once more and again that we enter Your presence with prayer, the reality of which completely humbles us, the privileged communion is so vast and great a blessing, that All Mighty God would grant us audience, moreover we are blessed with intimate communion, at one with the God and Creator of all, Hallelu YAH!

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Father, as we count our many blessings, the innumerable times You have brought us through trial and tribulation, trouble after trouble, storm after storm, Your tender mercies and great compassion, educating us in love and grace, training us through the hard knocks and afflictions, strengthening us in the tests of life, preparing, equipping and empowering us to serve with You, blessed to be a blessing, that by Your Great Providence we partake of a Joyous and Jubilant Spirit of Thanksgiving, anointed praise and worship, Selah!

Father, by the unction of the Holy Spirit, we bow before You, beseeching Your Mercy and Grace in the forgiveness of all of our sins. Father, our contrite and regretful hearts are remorseful and penitent in regards to all of our transgressions and willfulness, thus in gratefulness and gratitude we accept Your faithful forgiveness and the deep and penetrating cleansing of the blood of the Lamb, Hallelu YAH!

Father, we rise in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, pure, chaste and innocent in the anointing of Heaven, living out the Great Commandments of Love, and instituting the works and service of our Great Commission to go into all the world and make disciples. Father, we soar in the elevation of the Spirit, flying into this world in anticipation of the salvation, deliverance and healing of those whom would seek Your face and be saved, Selah!

Father, bless us to daily search Your Word that we might grow in the knowledge of You, that our wisdom and knowledge might be increased, that our fellowship and communion might develop and mature, that we would reach in due course the fullness and stature of the man Jesus Christ, Hallelu YAH!

Father, keep us near the Cross, that we might understand that while we are on this pilgrim journey, ours is to sacrifice, due or die, that our reward is not of a worldly nature, that we must always be mindful of the sufferings of the Cross, its burdens as well as its victories and that we would not rest until all the world is reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Father, increase the harmony of the fellowship of the Body of Christ, that we might see Your body in our brothers and sisters, succor each other in love that we will be ready for the moment that He breaks the sky. Our Hope, Our Lord, Selah!

Father, bless all of the prayers of the Saints this day and most especially our prayers of intercession, as we present them faultless before Your throne in glory, in the name of Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, the only True and All Wise God, unto Whom belongs all Dominion, Glory and Power, and by His most potent and precious shed blood, Hallelu YAH! Amen