Prayer of the Day

Father, Dearest Father, Holy and Righteous is Your Name above all Glory! Thou are from Everlasting unto Everlasting, ELOHIM, The Majesty of Your Presence is Most Excellent and Divine, Truly Thou are The Very Just and Right God, we are yielded Almighty YAHWEH unto Your Perfect Will, we can do no other as Thou are Supreme and Sovereign and undeniably, LORD OF ALL, Hallelu YAH!

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Father, we have before You, in light of Your Great Grace towards us, no reason to be critical of others, for all that we might do, all that we might have, all that we may see actualized in our lives, All is from You, and Thou has called us to judge sin, but never to judge people, and we constantly err in our application of Your Divine Truths, yet You are forever patient with us in this and other regards, thus we love and thank You sincerely, Selah!

Father, how tender are Your mercies man ward as You turn us as clay upon the potter’s wheel, fashioning gently our flaws into perfections, and highly desirable qualities which You draw from the earthly mundane materials of our lives, shaping us into the fullness of the stature of Christ in all the Beauty and Glory of Holiness, Hallelu YAH!

Father, in humble obedience of Your Will and Way, we reveal unto You, in Your Presence, having cleared our accounts of indebtedness in the forgiving of any and all we might owe, and having truly examined ourselves in the totality of our beings, all of our sins and transgressions, and with remorse in Repentance, seek Your forgiveness and absolution, in the Conviction of the Holy Spirit, and in total submission to Your Lordship, Selah!

Father, in the Joy of the Lord, we are rejoicing in the washing and cleansing that comes with Your Faithful Forgiveness, the application of Amazing Grace and Magnificent Mercy, flowing forth from the Mighty Mighty LOVE that shed His Blood on Calvary, that sinners just like me, could be, and would be saved from the pits of Hell and eternal damnation, cut off from the Heavenly Host forever, and for this and many other blessings we Praise You, in the very Spirit of Thanksgiving, HALLELU YAH!

Father, Oh Father, how many blessings accrue to the Royal Priesthood, for we are empowered, equipped and enabled to yoke up with You in this great work of Salvation, to carry the very Living Word of God unto the ends of the earth, to bring the ministry of reconciliation to all mankind, to intercede on behalf of the lost and hurting, to one by one witness lives changed by the miracle of Salvation from Death unto very and abundant Life, Selah!

Father, we bring unto You our lives as living sacrifices, praying our prayers endlessly, preaching with the very lives of our persons, forever praising You in this perfect peace, our hearts and the eyes of our souls fixed Heavenward for our Soon and Coming King! Father, continue to keep us, as we make our requests known unto You, in the most mighty, matchless and majestic Name above all Names, Jesus The Christ, The Son of The Living God, The LORD of All Glory, Now and Forever More, Hallelu YAH! Amen