Prayer of the Day

Father, most Holy and Dear Father, the glow of Your Glory shines around us, for in Your Presence we find the sweetest Peace, the security of being wrapped in the Arms of the Almighty YAHWEH, we experience Your Love Supreme, Your Tender Mercies and Grace flow from Your Sovereign and Divine Ruler-ship, Your Authority is Ultimate in the Universe, we submit all unto You from the depths of our Hearts, in praise we shout, Hallelu YAH!

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Father, You are revealed unto the wise in every aspect of Your creation, we can walk through this mundane life in the assurance that Your Word is a Lamp unto our feet, a constant guide and Help are You. Father You provide us every good thing, and daily we issue forth a song of praise for as Saints we are most grateful, Thanksgiving is constantly upon our lips, for You indeed are a Mercy God, and Your renown is acknowledged throughout the generations, Selah!

Father, as a doting Daddy You gently rock us in the bosom of Abraham, You ensure that we come through every trial and tribulation, for You raise us up sturdy and strong, steadfast and unmovable, and we can suffer and endure for the One Whom watches over us is Faithful and True. Our feet are liken unto the hind and we can climb even the rough side of the mountain if need be, every step sure and established for we are the children of the Mighty, Mighty God, Hallelu YAH!

Father, in the Mercy that is Forgiveness we dispense it as well as receive it, thus we bring with regrettable and penitent hearts all of our sins and transgressions before You, and even wishing it were not so as we honestly inventory our day, we find in it things unlike You, places of mark missing and even erroneous thoughts, and so we beg and beseech Your forgiveness, praying through and receiving Your absolution, Selah!

Father, thus we are able to rejoice in the daily restoration of this Divine Communion, having taken our daily blood baths, and adorning the attire of the Family of the Most High God, the spiritual refinery of the Anointed One, we are clothed in LOVE, Joy and Peace, Mercy and Grace, Holiness and Righteousness, and all the fruit of the Holy Spirit is ushered forth from us, as we represent here on earth, ambassadors of Him and The Kingdom of Heaven, Hallelu YAH!

Father, ever more and more we learn The Way, the walk of the Righteous, and refine our lives to align with Yours, we kill, rather in premeditation we murder the flesh, sacrifice our wills on the altars of our hearts, counting every and all things unlike You as dung, and we pray our petitions for blessings, and the expansion of our responsibilities in Your Kingdom, that we might prove exemplary of You, Your Will and Your Way, Selah!

Father, we thank You for this and every moment of Communion with You, may You bless us that this day, our preaching be with power, our prayers be petitions of peace, and our praise be ever perpetual, as we live our lives in complete devotion to You. Father, all this we pray, by Faith in You and the name above every name, Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, the Son of the Living God, Most True and Wonderful, Hallelu YAH! Amen