Prayer of the Day

Father YAHWEH, Most Holy, Righteous and Excellent ELOHIM, Supreme Sovereign LORD GOD, Creator! Father, how blessed are the meditations of our hearts as we open the Word of God and break the Bread of Life this day. Father, How sweet is the communion of the Holy Spirit, the blessed fellowship of the Saints, the benevolent benefits of Your most gracious Providence, Hallelu YAH

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Father, we bow before You, repentant of all of our sins, regretful and remorseful over all of our shortcomings, begging and beseeching Your tender mercies and praying for the forgiveness which You readily and faithfully supply, washing and cleansing us in the precious blood of the Lamb, the very sacrifice and gift of all the ages, Selah!

Father, we are grateful and thankful, thus we enter Your courts in Thanksgiving, Your presence draws forth our praise, our devotion unto You is never ending and boundless, just as Your gifting of Salvation is full of everlasting and eternal life, and thus we praise You, we lift Your name on High, Hallelu YAH!

Father, in You we rise, perfected, purposed unto every good and holy work, living sacrifices, tempered in the fires of affliction, strengthened in sacrifices, struggles and sorrows, educated in the footsteps of the Messiah, Selah!

Father, our glory is in You, for You have showered us in every possible spiritual blessing, empowered and equipped us beyond the stretches of the imagination, nothing in all the universe is as great as our Fathers love for us, Hallelu YAH!

Father, open our eyes that we may see the true glory of the body of Christ, the bride of perfect beauty, holy, pure and chaste, victorious, resplendent and adorned, the true glory and majesty of the children of God. Father, may the seed of the germ of the Word of God go forth and touch all of the called out ones, that they may walk, yes live in the beauty and glory of Holiness, the wealth of the born from above ones, the richness of the fullness of the infilling of the Holy Spirit, communion unto the divine nature and character of Jesus Christ, Selah!

Father, bless all of the prayers of the Saints this day and most especially our prayers of intercession as we present them faultless before Your throne in glory, unto the all true and wise God, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus The Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, The Beautiful Rose of Sharon, The Tender Lily of the Valley, The Bright and Morning Star, and in the potency and power of His most precious shed blood, Hallelu YAH! Amen