Danny-Peace-skyDaniel T. Peace, Sr. is a born again, Holy Spirit filled slave of Jesus Christ, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! Daniel has served the Lord as a minister, evangelist, pastor and teacher manifesting many prophetic gifts for over three decades and is pleased to serve the Lord as a prayer warrior.

Licensed to the Gospel Ministry in 1990 and ordained in 1995 he has ministered in prison, street and homeless ministries. A God ordained and anointed preacher and teacher.

The Prayer of the Day is something that evolved from a daily prayer that began on Facebook on October 26, 2009, we then started this blog website on December 4th, 2009 and is something we try to provide each day as a fresh way to begin the day.  We strongly try to maintain a prayer that is relevant to the universal body of Christ, thus we strive to maintain a strict non denominational theology.

*Please pray for us that we maintain our unction and anointing and stay yielded to the will of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Prayer of the Day is now being hosted simultaneously on a daily blog at https://www.theprayeroftheday.com and is viewable on all web enabled devices such as ipods, iphones, smartphones, etc. We hope this helps The Prayer of the Day  to be easy and quick to access, and useful as a tool to get the Holy Spirit moving daily in the heart of the believer.

[ Addendum: Feb 2012; The Prayer of the Day is now in a stable format as we have more than enough resources to produce it quite effectively on an annual basis with only slight edits being made as directed by The Holy Spirit. Hopefully it will be able to be produced in print form and app format for mobile devices.  We have been using this daily prayer for our foundational prayer each morning ensuring that it is sufficiently devotional to serve the Body as The Prayer of the Day for which it is unctioned and ordained, with the hope and intent that you will ultimately reach and attain the high calling of praying without ceasing, that place of being living Word, praise, worship, prayer and sacrifice. Hallelu YAH! This is and will continue to be a wonderful journey, have mercy.]

Father, bless this ministry in the name of Jesus and by the power  of His blood, amen

He said to them, “…My Temple will be called a house of prayer…” Matthew 21:13 (NLT)

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