A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, how Wonderful and Glorious is Thy name. This day will I praise You in the Beauty and Glory of Holiness.

You are the All Mighty, Awesome and Terrible. Mighty God, Mighty God, the earth quakes and trembles at Your presence. You are Worthy of all praise and worship.

Father we bow before You, penitent and remorseful, requesting Your graciousness in the forgiving of our sins.  We thank You for Your faithfulness in forgiveness, the eternal and everlasting provision of life forever, provided by the sacrifice of the Blood of the Lamb…

Father when we reflect upon the precious blood, and the work of Calvary, we can do nought but thanksgiving and praise, worship and devotion.

Father we will forever look back on Calvary, to the place where the redemption of our souls took place, where provision was made for life eternal.  Where very God bore the sins of very man, this one act like a hurricane through the generations and time, beating back every wile and scheme of the evil one. Our eternal victory forever secured.

All Mighty Blessed Assurance, we pray that we shall all be ready to meet You in the sky. Oh, Hallelujah, just a glimpse of You in the mind’s eye, brings a flood of praise and worship. Father we thank You for the gift of Faith, as it increases and the unction of the Holy Spirit empowers us in the Word, to preach the kingdom of God in such power that all, that shall, will receive the bread of life, that nourishes and sustains beyond the body, into the spirit.

Father we present our prayers before Your throne of authority, counting all things done, by faith, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.