A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Magnificent, Truly Wonderful, Marvelous is Your Name, high above the heavens we exalt You. We praise Your Holy Name.

Father we bow on bended knee, humbly we submit our sins, our transgressions, our feeble and fallible attempts at righteousness, the evil and wicked intents of our hearts, our malicious and small minded schemes, before You for forgiveness.

Father by Your Great Grace, you provide forever, forgiveness, washing us and cleansing us in the precious blood of Jesus. Father we thank You, we praise You, we magnify and glorify You. Hosanna and Hallelujah!

Father, we hide ourselves in You, what a refuge and sanctuary, a fortress and stronghold of protection. Father, we Your children forever blessed by the bounty of Your endless Providence, content in Your nurturing, rocked in the bosom of Your Love, gifted with faith, saved by Your grace, we rise this day in service of Your mighty, mighty Love.

Father, we are so filled with Joy, to be the body of Christ, the blood bought Church, the pure and holy Bride, sanctified, to be glorified, powered in prayer, prepared in praise, purposed in preaching, pointed in prophecy, we are a perfected people of a Perfect God. We praise You, Father, for another day to work out the blessings of our salvation, by our testimonies and proclamations, our pure examples and lives, walked out in the power of the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit.

We are The Church, Universal, Triumphant, Victorious, and Glorious, preparing our wedding day, the morning of our turning home, the Mighty Day of the Lord, how we anticipate, heads to the sky, we work and wait. Hallelujah!

Father, we thank you for the opportunity of prayer, to present our hearts open before Your throne of authority, in the matchless and mighty name of Jesus, and by the potent and perfect power of His blood, amen.