A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, We Glorify You, we Praise Your Holy Name, Above the Stars, You are Eternal, Beyond the measure of Time, Location has no grasp on You, Dimension no limits, Your Power is Infinite, You Created all things, and they were Good.

Father, we bow humbly before your Awesome might and power and beg the forgiveness of all of our sins, all of our transgressions, all of the things in which we have missed your mark of righteousness, holiness, and perfection. Father, with repentant hearts and remorseful minds, our spirits contrite before You, we receive the tender mercy of Your grace and forgiveness, the gentle washing of the Blood of Christ which removes the marks, stains and penalties of sin.

Father, the blood of Jesus gives us great cause for celebration, for praise, joy and jubilation, as we the redeemed of the Lord are not ashamed to say so, shout so, praise and worship so. Father, we thank You for the Blood, for it saves, redeems, delivers, heals, protects, provides, as it also breaks yokes, oppression, bondage and slavery to sin.  Father, Yes we the blood bought shout, Hallelujah!

Father, as we the Righteous rise, there is The Presence in our praise, companionship of the All-Mighty in our walk, our footsteps are guided and led by the LORD.  Father, we pray the peace of God upon the Saints of the Most High, that their meditations will be in the heart and mind of God, may the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit be in total fullness in us, may the fruit of the Spirit be multiplied and manifested in all our interactions.

Father, may the gifts of the Holy Spirit be fully activated in the Body of Christ that every function of the unction be made room for as the errors of religious worship are cast down and the intents and Will of God are made manifest in the worship and liturgy of our fellowships. Father, may the Ascension gifts, the five-fold ministry be expanded and given room for in our worship, may one decrease that many increase.

Father, we pray an awakening of the Body of Christ such that our numbers would be added to and expanded daily, that our worship would know no limits, that the end times anointing would express itself in daily testimonies of salvation, that the Harvest would lack no laborers, that the Bride of Christ would be prepared for that great wedding day. Father, we ever look back to Calvary where our precious salvation was purchased at great price, and Father, we ever look forward and upward to the Day of Our Soon Coming KING! Hallelujah!

Father. we thank You for Your time spent with us in communion, as we faithfully present our prayers before Your throne of mercy, grace and authority, in the precious name of Jesus, and by the mighty power of His blood, amen.