A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Precious, Precious Savior, LORD of ALL, CREATOR, GLORY GOD, ETERNAL, EVERLASTING, GREAT IN GRACE, GLORIOUSLY GOOD, FOREVER FAITHFULL, MARVELOUSLY MERCIFUL, we fall down before Your Supreme Sovereign Presence, in sorrowful repentance we ask for forgiveness of all of our sins, the wretched, malicious, dastardly, vile and evil assertions of our wills.

Father,we beg the sweet and tender mercies of Your absolution, and receive unto ourselves Your faithful forgiveness, as we dive into the pool of the fountain of the Blood of the Sacrifice of the Lamb. Father, with a Mighty Joy, we are dipped, immersed, baptized, saturated and consumed by the Blood of Jesus. Glory, Hosanna, and Hallelujah!

Father we recognize today the gift of grace bought on Calvary’s Cross, and we are mindful of the expense of our Salvation, the very inconvenience of incarnation into flesh, being born of a virgin, suffering, bleeding and dying, and then enduring three days and nights in the belly of the earth, the pits of hell, there to conqueror, and to take preeminence over death, breaking the bonds of the enslaved, and leading very captivity captive.

Father, for Jesus walked not into the shadow but into the very valley of death, life in the bowels of death, light in the very darkness of dark, good in the rubbish heap of evil. Father, My Savior, My Captain, My Lord, when we need inspiration over despair, joy over sorrow, life over death, let us look to the walk of our Christ, and recognize the Victory, the Courage, The Faith, for no deeper depth into darkness can we ever go than to where our Master has already taken the Gospel of Salvation,  heralding the Kingdom of God.

Father,  this day may we mediate on the time of our Lord off the Cross, what He endured in the carrying, in His execution and in the darkness where He carried the Light.  Father, bless our prayers, as we present them before Your throne of authority in Glory, in the name of Jesus and the power of His blood, amen.