A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator, Your Will is the Ultimate Reason for All Things, for All is ordained of You, the Mighty Wind of the Hurricane or the Soft Gentle Breeze of Summer, The Torrential Rain of the Thundering Storm or the Dainty Dew Drops of the New Born Morn, The Mighty Roaring of the Niagara or the silvery sliding of the melting waters of the icicles of spring in the mountains.

Father, You bring the showers of April, and the daffodils of May, The snows of winter and the heat of summer, the bright of day and the dark of night, in all things do we see you, for You are in everything and every thing is of You. Father we thank You as we perceive Your loving arms around us, in every event or occurrence of our daily lives, for nothing , no thing may touch our lives unless it is ordained of You, working together beyond our sight or wisdom, beyond our feeble comprehension for the most excellent of outcomes to our persons.

Father, when we cannot understand, we shall abandon all concern unto You, and Trust, for Him Whom we trust is Faithful to finish all that He has started in our lives, now and forever through eternity.  Thus, Father, this day, we enter Your courts in thanksgiving, we enter Your gates in praise, the songs of Zion on our lips and the attitude of gratitude in our hearts. Hallelujah!

Father, we bow before you in the throes of repentance, remorseful yet ever thankful that we have the precious promise of everlasting life by grace through faith, by which we may bring You forever and continually all of our sins, thus to be washed away eternally by the effectual cleansing of the power of the Blood of Jesus. Father, as little children know there preparation routines, we too look forward to our daily baths in the pools of the glorious fountains of the Blood of the Lamb.

Father, for if ever once washed in this precious ointment that flows of the veins of our Lord and Saviour, The Blood of Emanuel, than we crave each and every day this most blessed of privileges, the refreshing that restores complete and perfect fellowship and communion with the Most High God, bringing us back into right relationship with The Ruler of All the Worlds.  Father, we give thanks for this flow that brings the unction and anointing, the glow of the glorified countenance, the joy that breaks our spirits and souls into rising psalms and songs, our bodies break into the victorious dance as fire enters our feet, with all the grace of the heavenlies, the sweet savor of our worship rises as perfumed praise and incense pleasing unto the nostrils of our Master.

Father, in appreciative Love we consecrate, dedicate, devote and sanctify ourselves unto the completion of the commission of the Church, by your prescribed methods of the Great Commandments of Love, our cups running over in empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  Father, we thank You for sending us to dispense salvation, healing and deliverance in every place of darkness, death, bondage and oppression, and in compassion and mercy, providing by Your Providence, food, shelter, clothing and the meeting of every human need. Father, we thank You for the missionary spirit being poured out freshly upon Your Saints, that the work of end times evangelism, will become a reality of our obedience, in preparation of Your soon and eminent return.

Father, we thank You for the privilege of prayer, as we present ours before Your throne of authority, eternal in the Heaven, in the name of Yeshua, and by the power of His blood, amen.