A Prayer of the Day

The Prayer of the Day Audio Version
Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign LORD Creator, YAHWEH Thou are God there is no other, thus, we ask the perfect manifestation of Your Holy LOVE within us, may You rain MIGHTY Love upon us this day as we beg and receive forgiveness of all of our sins and all of our transgressions, washed in the blood of the Lamb, just the sprinkling from the leaves of hyssop is enough, Yet in Your MIGHTY, LOVE, from A MIGHTY MIGHTY GOD, we are dipped, immersed and baptized in the Blood, just as upon our Salvation we were baptized in the Water.

Father, we in jubilation bring the sacrifice of praise, just because YOU ARE WORTHY, just because we love You, just because of Your tender mercies and compassion, Your so Amazing Grace, that just blows us away and boggles our minds. Have Mercy.

Father, Oh Father, How sweet it is to call upon Your Name, knowing You will answer, How blessed to bring everything, All to God in prayer, Hallelujah! When we think of the Goodness of You Father, and all You have done for us, Our spirits and our souls, get happy, Joy unspeakable Joy surfaces in us, and our bodies react in resounding Worship, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! For Who You Are!

Father we thank You that in us You have found a sweet, sweet resting place, a residence and habitation of the Holy Spirit, building us from the inside out, working and shaping us into a Holy Tabernacle, a Temple of Living Stones, A Heavenly City, the Fortification of a Fortress of Faithfulness, Righteousness, Holiness, Goodness, Justice,Mercy, Love, Joy and Peace.

Father, continue to work Your work in us, continue to flood us with Holy Spirit anointing, empowering the destruction of the wrongs and works of the evil one, repairing the breaches, rebuilding and restoring the broken places, renewing hearts and minds, binding up, casting out, saving, healing and delivering.

Father, bless all the fellowships of the Saints, every gathering, meeting, assembling, everywhere the name of Jesus Christ is venerated, worshipped and edified. May all enter to worship and depart to serve, may the Body be blessed by The Word of God unto Salvation, may the lost be found, the blind see, the lame walk, the captives set free, in the physical now and in the spiritual forever.

Father, bless all the prayers of the Saints, as we present them before Your throne of Mercy, Truth and Peace, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, amen.

The Prayer of the Day Audio Version