A Prayer of the Day

PrayerPraise Your Holy Name, Glory to God the Most High, The Magnificent, Sound the Spiritual Shofar and let those with the Spirit of God be on one accord for prayer, praise and worship.  We bring unto you the sacrifices of prayer and praise as we the holy temples, Your Temple, bow before You beseeching Your mercy, goodness, grace and faithfulness for the forgiveness of our sin. We thank You for the cleansing of the blood, washed once again and forever.

We thank you Lord, that as the children of Moses were commanded to gather a double portion of manna for the Shabbat, since the coming of the Shabbat to us we have the ever present eternal rest living within us in infinite portion. Father, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, give us the quiet spirit by which to contemplate, meditate and hear Your voice in prayer.  Let your blessings follow us, overtake us, consume us and be us. Let your Glory, Shekinah, glow within and without, radiating and attracting the lost, hurt, despondent and oppressed. May your Word in us be healing, salvation and deliverance, let our liberty in You, be not unto licentiousness but unto holiness, righteousness and purity.

Eternal Father, we turn in gratefulness to You, our hearts set to serve, our minds to ministry, our bodies to build Your kingdom and tear the devils kingdom down. Heal the Body in Spirit and Truth. Bless us this day in Your perfect peace, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.