A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, SUPREME, SOVEREIGN LORD, GOD, YAHWEH! Father, we acknowledge the blessings of this sweet communion of the Holy Spirit, for we are the tabernacle, the very Temple of God, we are your house of Prayer, the home of the All Mighty Spirit of our most Holy and Righteous God.

Father, we are established in You, anchored in the Rock of Ages, covered and sheltered under the wings of The Most High. Father, thanksgiving pours of us like the mighty waters of the Niagara, our praise is endless, our worship, constant, consistent and forever.

Father, every spiritual and temporal blessing is ours, You fill us in every way, every need is met from the eternal blessings of Providence. Every good thing is from You Oh Lord! Hallelujah! Father, we lift our voices, we lift our hands, we dance and we sing, we strive to do all to the glory of so worthy and wonderful God, You.

Father, bless us with the forgiveness of all of our sins, bless us with the washing and cleansing of the blood of Jesus that we might have a clean heart.  Father, You are an ever faithful Father, therefore You bless us with a renewed heart, purity of purpose, a sanctified soul of salvation.

Father, may our prayers, praise and worship, our every devotion be turned into service and ministry unto Your will and Way! May our labors not be in vain, that all of the elect be called out, reached with the Word of God, may we be mindful of every opportunity to present the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Father, may we walk out this eternal and everlasting life with fervency and zeal, our admiration and adoration of Your Holiness, motivating us to be very Love to a sick and dying world. Father, may we be aware and alert to the reality that we are already equipped, enabled and prepared unto every good and charitable work.

Father, bless all of the prayers of the Saints this day and most especially our prayers of intercession as we stand in the gap for those You require of us, presenting Your will and purpose in our petitions before Your throne of Glory, eternal in the Heavens, in the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach, The Pure, Holy and Righteous One, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, in the Potent Power of His Most Priceless and Precious shed Blood, amen.