A Prayer of the Day

Father, Holy and righteous God, we bow before you in complete humility, humbled by Your majesty, in awe of Your power. Deeply remorseful and reverently repentant, Father, forgive us. Father forgive us where we stumble, falter and even fall, ever so far from Your mark. Wash us in the fountain of Your blood, cleanse us with Your heavenly hyssop, consume, condition and refine us in your Holy fire, that we might not only come forward clean, but pure, as pure as gold. Thank You Lord, Hallelujah! Glory to Your name.

We attempt to thank You for the gift of Jesus, yet words escape us, they become futile, impotent in the describing of so Awesome, Wonderful, and Glorious a gift, the suffering sacrifice of our salvation, which You have made of Yourself, before Your altar of mercy and grace. Such a supernatural manifestation of the eternal agape love, well beyond our ability to comprehend.  For the sinless One to take on the sins of the world, to bear our burdens and our sorrows, our sickness and disease, our weaknesses and infirmities, the very desolation of our ultimately devoid characters, to shoulder this up and take it to the cross for us, completely and forever abolishing the penalty of sin, is unfathomable. Oh Lord, Our Father, how great Thou are. We can not shout enough, praise enough, worship enough, serve enough, preach enough nor pray enough to ever give the reverence You so richly deserve. Our souls are happy and joyous that so great a mercy and love has been exercised upon us. Our joy extends forever beyond our understanding. Hallelujah!

Father, we thank you, receive us as sacrifices of thanksgiving, praise and worship, that we may offer unto You the gifts of ourselves, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.