A Prayer of the Day

PrayerFather, Holy and Heavenly, Father, I bow before your throne of mercy and grace, beseeching your forgiveness of my sin, my sin individually and any that pray this prayer corporately, repentant, remorseful, turning from any form of ungodliness unto Your Will and Your Way. Wash us at the fountain of the Blood of Jesus, cleansed we arise in and at peace. We arise and shout, “Abba, Father,” “Thank You!”

As always I am just your child before You, praying you continue to teach me at the foot of Jesus, daily I will submit to my lessons, educate me, train me, perfect me, the more I learn Lord, the less I know, and that’s all right Father, for in that less is more, wisdom, Praise Your Holy Name, Hallelujah, Father, I so love you, your continued mercies ever bursting forth and displaying in my life, your glory shining forth in my countenance, temper me and forge me in the fires of fellowship for my love of my brothers and sisters and of sinners is the very working out of my love and faith. May I faithfully respect and represent you, in all Your glory.

May I bring honor to the call of the true believer, The Saint, The Royal Priesthood, and may I operate loyally in my gifts to the building of the kingdom, the expansion of its borders, the fitting of its Living Stones, into a structure worthy of its distinction as the Bride of Christ. Anoint, appoint and ordain us with love power, this day in the name of Jesus and by the power of His Blood, Amen.