A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Glorious and Righteous is Thy Name, Wonderful and Marvelous is Thy Presence, Mighty and Awesome is Thy Power, Lovely and Perfect is Thy Peace, Infinite and Eternal is Thy Grace, Everlasting is Thy Salvation.

Creator God, we bow before You, Father, in remorse and repentance begging the forgiveness of the evil desires of our hearts, the lustful intents of our souls, the malicious thoughts of our minds, the acts of commission and omission which culminate in sin.

Father, bless us in the Faithful Forgiveness, we thank You, in the Joy and Jubilation of Love, Grace and Peace, the fruit of the Spirit, the result of being washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Father we thank You that we are Forgiven to Forgive, blessed by Grace to be instruments of Grace, blessed by Love to be Love, blessed with Peace to be Peace.  Hallelujah!

Father we rise blessed in Grace, empowered by the blood, unspeakable, unfathomable, the infinite scope of Your blessings. Father, the unrighteous, unsaved, unfilled will never know such a sweet communion. Father we have pity on those, whom know You not.  We intercede on their behalf that Father, You would break their hearts, destroy the stubbornness of their souls, reduce their pride, that they might hear Your Word, have a heart to seek Your face, be blessed to know their sins and thus convicted, be remorseful and repent, turning unto You, with great desire to seek Your face.

Father, increase the compassion of our hearts that we would be motivated to carry the seed of the Word of God, into every dark and evil place, into the souls devoid of Love, dispensing the Balm of Gilead, the Salve of Salvation, the Ointment of Grace, the Poultice of Peace.  Father, with a heavenly unction rain Your Holy Spirit anointing upon us that we would with boldness and courage speak the Word of God into every prepared heart.

Father increase the laborers as the harvest stands ready.  Father, we understand that any second, in any instant, at any point known as Now, You may crack the Heavens and we be completed and perfected as the Church.  Father bless us unto do diligence.

Father we humbly present our prayers before Your throne of mercy, grace, peace and authority, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus and by the potent power of His blood, amen.

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